Nurturing healthy gut microbes is the single best thing we can do for our children’s (and our own) well-being, according to the latest research.

Our Belly Bugs Project introduces kids to a magical world inside us where a gang of Belly Bugs is hard at work keeping us in tip-top condition. Absorbed by the fun adventures and challenges playing out inside themselves right here right now, children’s eyes will be opened and they will develop a love and understanding of nutritious food that will last them a lifetime, minimising the risk of obesity and anxiety so common today.

“The Belly Bugs concept is science made hugely entertaining. It’s a winner!”

Keith Chapman, Creator of Paw Patrol and Bob the Builder.

Billie Pickle: Inspiring Role Model For STEM

We’ve chosen to tell our Belly Bug story with the help of Billie Pickle, an endlessly curious 8-year-old tomboy who’s fascinated by science and can’t understand why her classmates think it’s boring. In our book…
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Billie Meets Professor Spector

Having met her own Belly Bugs, Billie Pickle is eager to find out more and visits Professor Tim Spector at King’s College London (our scientific advisor and the UK’s leading expert on the microbiome). In…
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Amazing Mother Nature

Following Billie Pickle and her Belly Bug gang is a brilliant way for children to discover Mother Nature at her finest. They learn that the body they inhabit is an intricate machine with Rumbledom at…
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Hello Brain, Have I Got News For You!

Rumbledom has a direct line of communication with the brain called the Blube Tube. (It represents our Vagus Nerve which runs from our gut to our brain.) The Belly Bugs send messages in Blueberry Bubbles…
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A Truth That Stays For Life

Observing daily life in Rumbledom, children will be at their most receptive to learn. No one is preaching at them. No one is telling them to eat their carrots or broccoli. They will simply work…
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Personalised Nutrition: The Future

Science is showing that each of us has our own unique response to food, even identical twins. That’s because each of us has a unique microbiome, irrespective of our genes. US health science company, ZOE,…
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Something New And Different

Today, governments, doctors, nutritionists, scientists and teachers all agree that, when it comes to getting the nutrition message across to children, nothing has worked. We need something new and different. Billie Pickle and her Belly…
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For Parents As Well As Kids

Parents will love Belly Bugs too. At last, there’s a franchise (computer games, books, TV, toys all planned) that they can actively encourage their kids to get involved with, unlike say, Fortnite. Some parents will…
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Beware Big Sugar

Camilla Cavendish writes, ‘For decades, we were warned off saturated fat. A profitable industry grew up selling “low-fat” processed foods. But these are a con. To make them tasty, manufacturers stuff them with carbohydrates and…
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Fibre Is Fantastic Fuel

Eating fibre from a wide range of colourful fruit and vegetables is the best fuel for our gut microbes. By chomping up fibre, our microbes produce beneficial chemicals (SCFAs) that promote weight loss, optimise our…
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Global Obesity Crisis

According to McKinsey, ‘obesity is one of the top three global social burdens generated by human beings’. It’s twice as pressing as climate change. And this is a crisis that starts with the young. Almost…
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It was reading The Diet Myth by Prof Tim Spector that inspired us to create The Belly Bug Project. We wanted kids (and their parents) to learn about the magical chemical factory inside us where…
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• Join in with your kids as they discover the magical world of their Belly Bugs. Encourage them to determine their own Belly Bug gang from the food they eat and get them to create (and draw) their own Belly Bugs like Soupy Bug, Broccoly Bug, Oaty Bug and so on.
•Use lots of fibre in your cooking. Not only will it keep your family feeling fuller for longer, your gut microbes will love it and they will produce loads of beneficial chemicals as a result of breaking it down.
• Eat the rainbow. Prepare meals using lots of different coloured vegetables and fruit. The more diverse the food you eat, the more diverse and productive your family’s microbiomes will be.
• Above all, serve quality food to your family. Food is the fuel that runs our bodies. Don’t compromise by eating highly processed foods or those labelled low in fat that have lots of added chemicals and preservatives.
• Unfortunately, most large food corporations put their profit before your health. Just because it says ‘healthy’ on the label doesn’t mean that it is. Play Sugar Monster Match to see how much sugar is actually lurking in common foods and drinks.